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Testimony - A Sketch  (2018). Interactive sound installation.

Voice: Stefanie Mueller


The texts recorded here are based on testimonies collected by Breaking the Silence, a non-profit organisation of veteran combatants who have served in the Israeli military since 2002. Testimonies are given in a bid to expose the reality of everyday life in the Palestinian occupied territories with an aim of ending occupation there. Testimony - A Sketch offers a snapshot of that growing archive. Specific references to the Israeli occupation have been muted and emphasis placed on military incursions to homes and aggressive scoping exercises anywhere in a bid to reflect on the repetitive nature of these practices. Blue print in folder (2019) or tape on floor (2018) outline an archetypal home, positioning the viewer as central to the drama as it unfolds. 

Listen to the audio track here

Testimony - A Sketch was first shown at What Country exhibition (2018) at Cambridge ArtSpace Gallery as part of Cambridge Festival of Ideas and subsequently at the Cambridge Show at Kettle's Yard Gallery (2019). 

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