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Refuge - A Common Archive (2018). Interactive installation. Dimensions variable. 

Light box, slides, magnifying glasses, white gloves. 
Comprised of one hundred black and white images taken over many decades of war torn sites, refugees in flight and, in some cases, shelters around the world and across time, the work questions our relationship to images of war and its aftermath. The images are freely available online - the challenge is how to engage with them in our media-saturated world.  Created originally specifically for the Crypt Gallery in London, Refuge - A Common Archive invites audiences to sift through these images, reflect on each, and re-group them as they see fit. The work not only seeks to remind audiences of the important historical role churches and other religious sites played as shelters during two world wars, but also explicitly draws attention to the plight of people around the world subject to conflict today. 


First exhibited as part of A Raid on the Inarticulate exhibition (November 2018) at Crypt Gallery London and subsequently at the Cambridge Show at Kettle's Yard Gallery (2019) for details visit Happening page. 

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