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Hegemonopoly/Machsomopoly (2009)


Game for gallery interaction. 

Board game 60x60cm, coloured pawns, dice, printed cards, printed currency. Installation variable.


A game for gallery participation depicting the landscape in Israel Palestine through an adaptation of a monopoly game. In this version, an old layout from the 1950s was retained as it already included cities conquered in 1967. Instead of property dealings the sole aim of the game is to complete three rounds of the board. The pawns are colour coded to correspond to I.D colours and are determined by the throw of the colour die. On each square a player lands- instructions are provided according to their pawn colour. Command and Surprise cards (like in the 1950s version) inflict further difficulties or benefits which are also colour dependent. 


For more details visit Arena of Speculation, where the game is featured or read reviews from Footnotes Playing Dead exhibition. 


Exhibited in Uncharted Stories (2009) and No Ladders to the Stars (2009) as well as Footnotes Playing Dead (2015) exhibitions. The game is available on request in both box format (with pawns, cards and dice) as well as a limited edition print - see Editions page. 

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