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Further Afield (2021), Yorkshire Sculpture Park. In collaboration with Helen Stratford. 


Six sculptural objects. Wood and marine paint. Dimensions variable. 

Photos © Jonty Wilde.

Further Afield (2021) was created following an invitation by YSP’s art and wellbeing coordinator to undertake two Walk& Play YSP (2018, 2019) residencies. The artists devised walking and playing events they call ‘walkshops’, which invited participants to respond to YSP’s unique landscape and the artworks encountered. The conversations held with the walkshops’ participants informed the creation of the work. The artists were also inspired by arts educator Don Pavey’s work which is part of National Arts Exhibition Archive (housed within YSP) and formed part of an exhibition Art, Games and Play (March 2018) that celebrated the close relationship between art, games and play’s roles in shaping perception and knowledge. 

For further info- visit YSP website. 

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